The Board of Trustees shall consider and make a decision regarding the Academy’s Admittance Committee’s (AC) recommendations. Nominations from the Board of Trustees shall be submitted to AC for comments and recommendations. Should AC recommend the rejection of a nominee, the reasons for this must be stated and explained fully in written form.

AC will give preferences to candidates with a reasonably long period of activity left. This shall not, however, prevent AC from inviting merited candidates with only a few years of active service remaining. The Committee may propose that the Trustees invite certain specially qualified individuals directly into Emeritus Status.

Membership is for life. Membership is based on the assumption that all members will actively participate in the work of the Academy.

Membership is accorded on an individual basis. No one can be selected for the simple reason that she or he has succeeded a member of the Academy in a position or a chair. Each candidate shall be judged on his or her own merits.

AC shall seek a representative group of members reflecting a variety of curricula, geographical aspects, gender, ethnical background and age. An active member will serve until the end of the calendar year during which she / he reaches the age of 70. After that, the member will gain Emeritus Status and services will generally not be requested.

Stockholm Water Prize Laureates are automatically eligible for membership.

AC will decide on the form for keeping of the minutes and the documentation of its deliberations. Such deliberations and documentation shall be of a confidential nature and only be available to the Board of Trustees.

A sponsor contributing a minimum of USD 50.000 per year for a three-year period in direct support is entitled to nominate one member of the Academy in consultation with, and ultimately subject to the approval of the committee. Such approval should not be unreasonably withheld, although the prospect of lifetime membership must be given careful consideration. Should the approved nominee happen to sever his relations with the donor during the support period, the donor shall have the right to nominate one replacement.

Developing the Membership Base

After having restructured the organisation of the Admittance Committee, the work will continue to assure a continued appointment of a high quality membership. In doing so, the Admittance Committee will be focused on the overall balance in membership among different classes as well as regional representation.

Networking Among Members

The Academy has the ambition of being action orientated. To achieve that ambition, the Board of Trustees wants to create a system where individual members will be responsible for creating regional networks of Academy members. In establishing this structure, we hope to be able to open for more direct involvement of members in water conflict resolution and in training of water conflict management.

The institutional development of the Academy should aim at achieving the broadest participating approach in

• further development of the membership base

• assuring the broadest possible involvement of members in the development of the Academy

• assuring member participation in programme activities

• networking building among members

• contacts between industrial partners, and institutional partners, and decision makers

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